Our Vision

Restore Hope

The struggle to supply basic needs takes all the energy that some people have and robs them of hope. If you aren’t sure how you will buy food, medicine, diapers or other necessities, there is no energy to imagine a better future. The constant struggle robs people of hope.

The work we do through The Well is aimed at restoring hope to people so that they can imagine a better future. If we can inspire vision in people and provide resources and tools that will enable them to solve problems, we will produce change that transforms our community and impacts generations!

Inspire Vision

The second great commandment to love your neighbor as yourself means that I can’t brush aside the problems of others as none of my business. The love of Christ compels us to reach out and build up!

Produce Change


Working with stakeholders in our communities to produce solutions to problems.


Working with people empowering them to change their own circumstances.

You Can Help Make A Difference